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Current Legislative/Regulatory Issues

On March 23rd, S. 2798 was introduced in the Rhode Island Senate.  S. 2798 would require the director of the Department of Environmental Management (DEM) to promulgate and adopt rules and regulations pertaining to the use of pesticide products containing neonicotinoids and certain other chemicals with regard to any negative effects on agriculture and native pollinator species.  S. 2798 does exempt “enclosed indoor areas.”  The target date for implementation of the new rules would be March 2017.  

State Policy Affairs Representative (S.P.A.R.), Ted Brayton

The NPMA State Policy Affairs Representative is the key liaison responsible for coordinating issues between associations. To contact your state SPAR click on their email below.

Ted has 24 years in the industry, all with Griggs & Browne Pest Control. He was Treasurer of the New England Pest Management Association and currently is the President-Elect New England Pest Management Association. Ted is the S.P.A.R. for Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Contact: