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Proposed Legislation: HB 290--Implementing Recommendations of the Lyme Disease Task Force

When states construct task forces and studies to combat deadly and harmful pests, NPMA encourages members to engage. Since it is our industry’s daily job to protect public health and property—we feel that we are a critical resource for the public. The latest task force we have encountered is out of Delaware. Delaware’s Lyme Disease Prevention Task Force issued a report on June 1, 2015 that made several recommendations. The most impactful recommendation aims to: "[d]evelop on a statewide basis a science-based Integrated Pest Management strategy incorporating acaricide use, biological controls, management of tick-host animals and backyard habitat management. To implement this strategy, the Task Force recommended a change to state law to allow the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to address ticks and be involved in field control operations for ticks.” HB 290 was introduced by Representative Schwartzkopf and this bill is the vehicle for implementing the recommendations of the Task Force. Also, in the bill is a particular recommendation that may relate to structural pest control: “Advising private property owners as to proper tick control or habitat management measures that may reduce tick populations on their lands.” NPMA SPAR Sonny Pacana is engaged on the issue.

State Policy Affairs Representative (S.P.A.R.), Sonny Pacana

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