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UPDATE: NCPMA Beats Back the Sales Tax!

The North Carolina Senate's original budget included a sales tax on pest management services that would suppress business and create an economic hindrance to protecting public health and property. Determined, NCPMA members unified and rallied together as they launched one of the most effective grassroots campaigns the pest management industry has ever seen. An astounding 511 grassroots messages were sent to 91 House Members and 46 Senators. Letting lawmakers know that this tax was bad for business and bad for North Carolina. NCPMA members weren't satisfied with just writing to their lawmakers, they also wanted to meet with them face to face. On June 9th, NCPMA members descended upon Raleigh during their annual Legislative Day, and clearly made their case. Lawmakers listened. And with the unveiling of the final budget, the pest management industry is exempt from the state sales tax on services! A hard fought victory that everyone should be proud of. Thanks to everyone for their efforts.  

Updating Rules for Termiticides

In this proposed rule, if a termiticide is approved for use in North Carolina, then it is exempt from certain application methodology requirements, provided that: (i) the product is labeled for protection of the entire structure, (ii) the licensee provides a warranty for the control of subterranean termites on the entire structure. This proposed rule aims to modernize North Carolina’s code. 

Sales Tax on Pest Management Services: On 6/2/16, the Senate passed a budget by a 33-15 vote, with a sales tax on pest management services. Currently, the sales tax is not applied to our work. The House Budget does not consist of a sales tax on pest management services. As the House and Senate go to conference, NCPMA will descend on Raleigh. Amid the budget negotiations, NCPMA Members will meet with lawmakers for their Legislative Day on June 9th. This tax is a hindrance to state businesses and economy. An impediment to the protection of public health and property. Members, stay alert for upcoming grassroots campaigns. Click here for information on NCPMA’s Legislative Day. Click here for talking points on the sales tax.

State Policy Affairs Representative (S.P.A.R.), Billy Tesh

The NPMA State Policy Affairs Representative is the key liaison responsible for coordinating issues between associations. To contact your state SPAR click on their email below.