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Current Legislative/Regulatory Issues

Proposed Nevada Regulation

The proposed rule in Nevada addresses many topics. Although there are a few fee increases, the Department of Agriculture eliminated revenue from manual sales, and consequently, would result in no net revenue for the Department. The rule requires the licensure and regulation of consultants, demonstration specialists, and research specialists. It also addresses the labeling and transporting of containers and application devices. There are proposed changes to WDO reporting and violations in the rule.

The rule also proposed a WDO requirement that in the report “an unmodified digital photograph, with a date and time stamp, of the front of the structure that was inspected or to which pesticide was applied,” be included. The proposed changes to WDO violations would revise the definition of a serious violation to include a violation that results in actual damage (a decrease in the existing violation for improper WDO treatments). 

State Policy Affairs Representative (S.P.A.R.), Francis J. "Joey" Toth III

The NPMA State Policy Affairs Representative is the key liaison responsible for coordinating issues between associations. To contact your state SPAR click on their email below.

Mr. Toth began working in the pest control industry in the summer of 1999 while studying Database Engineering.  In July of 2003, Mr. Toth started Pitbull Pest Control, Inc. Since the creation of the company, Mr. Toth has served as the Sales/Service Manager, Marketing Director, Lead Estimator & Route Technician. 

Mr. Toth first attended Target’s fumigation school in 2008. He is also a graduate of the University of Florida’s School of Structural Fumigation. In 2010, Mr. Toth created the Fumigation division at Pitbull Pest Control. This division has grown steadily and currently, Pitbull Pest Control is the largest fumigation company in Nevada.

Currently Mr. Toth serves as the CEO of Pitbull Pest Control, Inc. and is responsible for strategic planning and product development. In addition to his service with Pitbull Pest Control, Inc., Mr. Toth served as a Sergeant of Marines, 2/23 Fox Co. USMCR, Machinegun Section Leader, & Acting Platoon Leader.  Sgt. Toth successfully completed a 1 year combat deployment to Ar Ramadi, Iraq, Al Anbar Province.

In 2015, Mr. Toth was recognized by PCT Magazine and awarded a 2015 Young Achiever award by the National Pest Management Association at the 2015 Pest World Conference,

In 2015, Mr. Toth was chosen to serve as the President of the Nevada Pest Management Association.