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Blue Ribbon Bed Bug Task Force

The NPMA Blue Ribbon Bed Bug Task Force is a broad-based stakeholder group whose goal is the development of an industry-wide comprehensive response to the bed bug pandemic sweeping the globe, including education, standards, policy, and research.

NEW! Commercial Protocols Now Available
The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) has created the following guidelines to help various commercial markets respond to concerns about bed bugs and understand considerations for developing bed bug action plans. NPMA members are encouraged to share these guidelines directly with their customers at NPMA would like to thank PPMA’s Guardians and Contributors for making these valuable educational resources available.

State Specific Bed Bug Laws & Rules
Office Buildings
Medical Facilities
Public Transportation
Retail Stores

Task Force Members (NPMA Staff Liaison: Bob Rosenberg)
Task Force Organizational Plan
Meeting Notes (October 22, 2010)

Work Groups

  • NEW! Bed Bug Efficacy (NPMA Staff Liaisons: Jim Fredericks and Bob Rosenberg)
    Dozens or hundreds of products have been introduced into professional, institutional and consumer markets to combat the resurgence of bed bugs. Many of these products work well, but many don't. Few of them have any scientific data demonstrating whether they work or achieve the results they promise to deliver. At the current time, no government agency is requiring efficacy data or testing these products to determine whether they work. To address this issue, NPMA Blue Ribbon Bed Bug Task Force members have partnered with a diverse group of stakeholders to create a Bed Bug Efficacy Workgroup that is working on developing performance standards and test conditions for a wide range of these products.
  • Best Management Practices, Credentialing, Certification and Training (NPMA Staff Liaisons: Andrew Architect and Jim Fredericks)
  • Public Policy (NPMA Staff Liaison: Gene Harrington)
  • Public Outreach, Education, Messaging and Data Needs (NPMA Staff Liaisons: Missy Henriksen and Janay Rickwalder)
  • Research and Efficacy (NPMA Staff Liaison: Jim Fredericks)

Work Group Appointments

Position Statements

NPMA Bed Bug Best Management Practices

NPMA Bed Bug Best Management Practices: An Overview (Webinar)