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Pesticide Bans



If we disengage from the policymaking process at any point, we put vital tools for protecting public health and property at risk. On a daily basis, various groups perpetuate emotional arguments and misinformation on pesticides that are not based on sound science. What these anti-pesticide groups won’t tell the public is that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducts comprehensive human health and ecological risk assessments and exhausts immense resources on the registration and review of pesticides and uses the most current science-based information and peer-reviewed scrutiny. Our industry is on the side of science to protect American businesses, families and their homes.

A world without pesticides and Pest Management Professionals is a world with more disease, more contamination, and more property devaluation. Public health officials attribute the quality of life we have today to three things:  better pharmaceuticals and vaccines, better sanitation and better pest control; and integrated pest management includes the use of EPA approved pesticides.  For the sake of our customers, our industry, and the health of the public—our industry presses on, defending the use of safe and effective products.

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