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Neonicotinoids are an essential tool for protecting public health and property. Neonicotinoids are important for controlling many dangerous and deadly pests such as mosquitoes that harbor the harrowing Zika virus, cockroaches that contaminate our vital food supply, structure-crippling termites, and bed bugs that wreak havoc on our businesses, homes, and peace of mind.

The U.S. EPA conducts comprehensive human health and ecological risk assessments and exhausts immense resources on the registration and review of neonicotinoids and uses the most current science-based information and peer-reviewed scrutiny. Unfortunately, neonicotinoids have received negative scrutiny as a primary reason for the decline in pollinator populations, an assertion that is not back-up by facts nor based on sound science. Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) using neonicotinoids rarely, if ever interact with pollinators during structural use applications in and around structures. Taking a proactive approach, NPMA has developed industry leading pollinator Best Management Practices (BMPs) to ensure that PMPs are highly educated and trained and do not pose a threat to pollinators while serving their customers.

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