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2018 Election Update

November 7, 2018


By the Numbers: What’s Changed?

Some seats in both House and Senate remain too close to call, and may be tied up for some time either in recounts or a run off.

The House majority has flipped from Republican to Democrat.  21 races remain uncalled.

The Senate remains majority Republican. 4 races remain uncalled.


Another (Leadership) Election: New members will be in DC next week for an orientation and to begin staffing up.

  • Republicans will hold leadership elections on Nov 15th: the two front runners are House Majority Leader Rep Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-23) and Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA-1), but formal announcements should come today or tomorrow. Rep. McCarthy was passed over in a previous leadership election in favor of Paul Ryan for multiple reasons both public and private, and both Reps. McCarthy and Scalise have dedicated themselves to fundraising and supporting the party. The fight is expected to be a difficult one for the Republicans, with key concessions made by the winner to the Freedom Caucus in exchange for support, although with Republican minority, the ability to deliver on them is questionable.
  • Reports vary whether Democrats will hold leadership elections in November, December or January, but no matter when they occur, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-12) will run again and is widely considered the frontrunner. It is worth noting that some 50 members of the Democratic caucus have indicated dissatisfaction with her assuming the Majority Leader role again, and many candidates who won last night shared similar sentiments. She has publicly stated that if elected, she will transition power over to a younger generation of Democrats, although no clear timetable or definitive details of the transition have been released.


What’s Next for NPMA?

Beginning next week, NPMA will be sending letters to all new members of Congress welcoming them and introducing our industry as a resource. Once the new Congress is seated and committee assignments made in early 2019, NPMA will visit every new member on any of our committees of interest. We will also provide letters for state associations and SPARs to send to new members to help make a district connection.


Up Next: 2020

Don’t forget…. only 728 DAYS until the 2020 presidential election. Expect to see some key Administration officials move from the White House to the campaign trail over the next few weeks. Campaigns will begin doing preliminary hiring late this year and early next.



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