public health

Public Health Leadership

NPMA will develop and execute a plan that will take a multi-faceted approach to solidify our industry as protectors of public health from pest transmitted diseases. This comprehensive effort will include a coordinated approach between NPMA and PPMA to educate pest professionals on their instrumental role in eliminating pests that harm human health that will be reinforced through public relations efforts that educate consumers on the importance of hiring a professional. Additionally, NPMA will educate and collaborate with lawmakers, regulators, public health agencies, allied organizations and affected industries to partner and promote the role of pest professionals to clearly demonstrate that NPMA members’ mission is their protection.

Strategies for the plan will include providing pest professionals with the most current and accurate information and practices to control pests that threaten public health. This will be accomplished through conferences, virtual training opportunities and technical updates. PPMA’s 2017 strategic marketing plan contains specific tactics that will highlight our greater involvement in public health issues, including a new public service announcement campaign and more. Additionally, NPMA will continue to perform outreach to build and strengthen relationships while developing coalitions that will quickly allow us to activate a broad network of stakeholders as new public health issues emerge.