Letter from the Chairman


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I’m incredibly excited to tell you about the Professional Pest Management Alliance, an organization that is so near and dear to my heart, and about the incredible work it does on behalf of our industry through its consumer marketing and education programs.

PPMA is the real deal and a true advocate for the professional pest control community, communicating and engaging with today’s consumer audiences to tell our industry’s story. We work to promote, protect and defend the professional pest control industry and ignite market growth by educating both residential and commercial audiences about the importance and genuine value of professional pest control services.

It’s hard to believe that we have been working at this for 25 years now — working hard to preserve and protect the industry, and in turn, our livelihoods. But I guess it’s true what they say that time really does fly when you’re having fun. Put simply, PPMA has been working for our future.

Now, when I think of the future and the legacy I’m working to build with my company, I know what motivates me. I do it for my beautiful wife, my three amazing children and the brood of grandkids they are raising up. I do it to honor my late father and my loving mother, who worked so hard to give my brothers and I the opportunity to carry on the family business they established in 1949. It’s my dream to give that same opportunity to my children and grandchildren – to set them up for success with a strong and stable business in a healthy and thriving industry.

That’s my story about my family, but what’s yours? You see, not only is this industry one big family but it’s also comprised of many types of families. There are corporate families with core values that make employees feel both connected and respected; the supplier families that empower us with the right tools to do our jobs well and service our customers; and then there are the family-owned businesses with generations working side-by-side to build and grow something good. And of course, we all have our own respective families that we come home to at the end of each day that drive and inspire us.

Just like we work hard to ensure bright and strong futures for our families, PPMA is doing the same for all businesses in this industry. PPMA is funded 100% through voluntary donations from generous pest control firms and members of the supplier community. It is not a part of NPMA membership dues, but a separate, conscious financial contribution to help market pest control services. The work that we do on your behalf elevates the entire industry and benefits us all, because when the market grows, we too grow along with it.

Not only is PPMA providing modern marketing programs to educate and inform consumers, but we also provide marketing solutions for all our investors through our digital marketing service, Mainframe.

I’d like to personally express gratitude to the PPMA Board of Directors, to our Guardian investors who give 1/10th of 1% of their annual revenues, to our Contributors and the Supplier community. The amazing work we do to elevate the industry and communicate the value and need for professional pest control would not be possible without their financial support.

And, if by chance you’re reading this and you’re not yet a part of PPMA, please join us! It’s never too late to invest in your own future and the future of the professional pest control industry. With everything we’ve been able to accomplish thanks to our current supporters – which is an incredible group of only a few hundred companies – imagine what we could do with the support of the entire industry!

PPMA is driving strategic growth for our future, and we need EVERYONE on board.



Bobby Jenkins, Chairman, PPMA
ABC Home & Commercial Services
Austin, TX


Father, Grandson and Son: Bobby, Robby and Bo
ABC Home and Commercial Services of Austin, TX
Family-Owned & Established I 1949
A PPMA Guardian Investor