NPMA Introduces New Field Guide App


Field Guide AppMarch 14, 2016 (Fairfax, Va.) The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) announced today its brand new Field Guide App. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the Field Guide App, powered by eNex, offers users an easy way to access information on over 200 different structural pests, with high resolution photos and charts for confident identification. 

"The new NPMA Field Guide app offers the extraordinarily valuable content from our best-selling Field Guide in an easy-to-use app with amazing functionality that can be accessed on any Android or iOS device," said NPMA Chief Industry Relations Officer Andrew Architect.

"NPMA works every day to promote and protect the pest management industry. Now, we are taking all that expertise, experience, and research and putting it at your fingertips in one indispensable tool. And, at a price point of $4.99, we've made it possible for every PMP to own."

Featuring expert information on biology and control methods for over 200 structural pests, the NPMA Field Guide App also allows PMPs to send an email about a certain pest, create individual notes, take photos, reference the glossary or browse saved files, and directly contact NPMA experts through the app.

Andrew Richardson, CEO of eNex Solutions, stated, "As an owner of a pest control company, I knew when we had our IT Team at eNex build this app it had to be very capable and handy but at the same time extremely user-friendly. The app will be a great tool in the hands of PMPs everywhere and we are happy to be a part of that." 




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