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Pest Gazette

Looking for ways to communicate with your customers? Looking for an inexpensive marketing vehicle to use that will get the word out on your company? If so, then the Pest Gazette is made for you.

Each promotion is a four-page newsletter, which can be personalized to include your specific company information, highlight seasonal pests and help educate your customers what they can do to help you manage pest problems. This consumer friendly newsletter has tips for describing pest problems to professionals as well as colored pictures that highlight specific pests. Through the Pest Gazette you have a positive press piece that will help your customers understand why it is so important to hire a professional and since this piece is customized with your company information, that professional is you.

To view past issues of the Pest Gazette click on the issues below in a PDF formats for fast and easy reference.

Pest Gazette is available in a printed format and also available in a NEW digital format that is perfect for online marketing! 

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Document File Name File Size
Pest Gazette - Winter 2021-2022 PestGazette-Winter2021-22.pdf 595KB
Pest Gazette - Fall 2021 PestGazette-Fall2021.pdf 661KB
Pest Gazette - Summer 2021 PestGazette-Summer2021.pdf 3.24MB
Pest Gazette - Spring 2021 PestGazette-Spring2021.pdf 2.72MB
Pest Gazette - Winter 2020 PestGazette-Winter2020.pdf 2.71MB
Pest Gazette - Fall 2020 PestGazette-Fall2020.pdf 4.96MB
Pest Gazette - Summer 2020 PestGazette-Summer2020.pdf 4.59MB
Pest Gazette - Spring 2020 PestGazette-Spring2020.pdf 3.38MB
Pest Gazette - Winter 2019 PestGazette-Winter2019.pdf 3.86MB
Pest Gazette - Fall 2019 PestGazette-Fall2019.pdf 997KB
Pest Gazette - Summer 2019 PestGazette-Summer2019.pdf 290KB
Pest Gazette - Spring 2019 PestGazette-Spring2019.pdf 4MB

Pest Gazette Archive