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Focused on providing small and mid-sized employers with benefit options previously only made to arger employers, the NPMA Insurance Exchange offers cost effective benefit solutions that make sense in today’s unpredictable marketplace.




  • Self-Funded Medical Plan - available to those groups that meet the standard requirements of number of eligible employees with PPO and HSA-compatible high-deductible health plans available. Available in all states except DC, HI, NH, and NY. Block underwriting advantage for all NPMA members. 
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement - for those employers that don’t meet the underwriting guidelines, or have higher than expected premiums, you can now offer your employees the ability to use tax-advantaged account dollars to pay for individual healthcare premiums.
  • Consumer Directed Spending Accounts
    • Health Savings Account (HSA) – an HSA is a tax-advantaged personal savings account that can be used to pay for medical, dental, vision and other qualified expenses now or later in the employee’s life. 
    • Health Care FSA – A flexible spending account (FSA) is an employer-sponsored benefit account that allows employees the opportunity to set aside pre-tax funds to help pay for eligible healthcare expenses.
    • Dependent Care FSA gives your employees the ability to pay for work-related dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. DCA’s may provide your employee more tax advantages than the federal income credit.
    • Limited-Purpose FSA – For employees who are actively contributing to an HSA account, a Limited-Purpose FSA allows for employees to maximize their health care dollars. A Limited Purpose FSA can be used for immediate dental and vision expenses, that HAS dollars can be saved for future medical expenses.
  • Voluntary Insurance Products (VIP) through Transamerica Life Insurance Company
    • AccidentAdvance® 
    • CancerSelect® Plus
    • TransDI® Plus (short-term disability)
    • Hospital Select® II 
    • Trans Select 20 Term Life Insurance 
  • And much more!  




  • Our administrator will collect census information about you and your employees and forward that information to National General 
  • National General will return a quote to our administrator, which is then presented to you for review
  • Once you decide that you are interested, a custom URL link is provided by National General to allow you and your employees access to enrollment forms that are electronically submitted
  • Underwriting takes approximately 5 days to complete
  • Once all underwriting is completed (it typically takes 5 business days), a formal offer is presented to you
  • If you choose to proceed with the program, a custom enrollment portal will be set up for your company



The cost to participate in the exchange is $6.00 per person/per month with an additional $5.50 per person/per month for HRA participants. FSA is an additional $4.00 per person/per month fee. 

This is NOT an all or nothing type of benefit offering. You can take advantage of which ever benefits are most useful for you and your employees. You do not have to have health coverage to take advantage of the other benefits being offered.