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Pinnacle Award

The Pinnacle Award, NPMA's most coveted and prestigious accolade, honors an individual who has contributed not only to the success of the association but to the industry as a whole over a lifetime or career.


2019 Recipient
Bobby Jenkins

2018 Recipient
Harvey Massey

2017 Recipient
Bob and Judy Dold


2016 Recipient
Norman Cooper

2015 Recipient
Bob Rosenberg

2014 Recipient
Tommy Fortson


2013 Recipient
Victor Hammel

2011 Recipient
Mike Potter

2009 Recipient
John Osmun

2008 Recipients
NPMA Past Presidents

2007 Recipient
Paul Hardy

2006 Recipients
Richard Foster & Jerry Mix


2004 Recipient
Norman Goldenberg

2003 Recipient
Gary Rollins

2002 Recipient
J.E. Sameth


2001 Recipient
John Cook

2000 Recipient
Robert Russell

1999 Recipient
Norm Ehmann


1997 Recipient
Charlie Hromada

1996 Recipient
Paul K. Adams