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NPMA Sends Preemption Letter Backed by 159 Associations to Congress

Fairfax, VA – May 5, 2022 – NPMA has spearheaded a letter in support of the pesticide H.R. 7266 and gathered 159 individual associations as signatories. Both national and state associations signed on representing diverse areas such as agriculture, pest management, landscaping, golf, forestry, and pesticide education. Every single state association in the pest management industry joined the effort, showing how important the issue of pesticide preemption is to ensure the industry can continue protecting America’s food, health, and property.


H.R. 7266 was introduced on March 30th by Representative Rodney Davis (IL-13). This bill codifies federal pesticide preemption as the national standard, ensuring that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the state lead agency jointly regulate pesticide usage. It would preclude localities from regulating pesticides, instead ensuring that agencies with scientific expertise are able to evaluate whether a product is safe and effective, promoting the science-based policy making NPMA has always advocated for.


The letter supporting H.R. 7266 shows that this clarity is needed not just for the pest management industry, but for anyone who uses pesticides. From national groups like the Farm Bureau to specialty groups like the National Christmas Tree Association, from local education groups like the Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas to groups representing regulators like the Association of American Pesticide Control Officials and the Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials, the 159 associations signed on show a united front to Congress. This bill is essential in helping businesses in every industry who depend on pesticides to keep Americans safe where they live, work, eat and play.


“This is a monumental achievement for our industry, as we continue to push for a preemption fix once and for all in the 2023 Farm Bill. We will be using this letter in all of our Congressional visits, and we encourage the industry to reach out to your federal representatives and use this letter to help them understand the importance of preemption. We are so pleased to be joined by such a robust list of supporting organizations who share the same challenges we do” said Ashley Amidon, NPMA Vice President of Public Policy.


For any question on pesticide preemption or H.R. 7266, contact NPMA VP of Public Policy Ashley Amidon at aamidon@pestworld.org.




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