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Executive Leadership Program

NPMA’s success is contingent on our ability to work in the best interests of our membership. In order to accomplish this, we seek guidance from our Board and committee leadership.

Hearing from different voices plays an important role in accomplishing NPMA’s goals. However, limited resources often make it difficult for aspiring leaders to become involved in the association.

In order for these voices to be heard, NPMA launched the Executive Leadership Program.


What is the Executive Leadership Program?

The Executive Leadership Program was created to find passionate, committed, and engaged individuals from all parts of the country who want to enhance NPMA and the membership experience while connecting with industry leaders.

During this program, ELP candidates will participate in a two-year planned curriculum that prepares them for association leadership.

NPMA will appoint PMPs from across the country to participate in the Executive Leadership Program. NPMA will fund your participation and travel to Academy and PestWorld, so that you can be part of our board meeting, share your experiences and take advantage of networking and learning activities.


What is the Curriculum?

The curriculum is designed to provide the program participants with the tools they need to be future leaders within the organization. Elements include:

  • Learning about NPMA – including our purpose, our history and the benefits of membership
  • Providing opportunities to serve and introductions to committees and project teams
  • Monthly conference calls
  • Skills training such as
    • Networking
    • Executive etiquette
    • Diversity training
  • Appointments on committees with a mentor


How Much Time and Money Do I Need to Commit?

The majority of the program is self-study, but you will be required to participate in monthly phone calls with other participants and NPMA leaders. Additionally, you will be assigned to a mentor – however the frequency of your communication is up to you both.

We also ask that you attend Academy and PestWorld. NPMA will fund your registration and your travel (to include hotel, airfare and food), so that you can participate in our Board of Directors meetings, share your experiences and explore the largest pest convention in the world.


How Are Participants Selected?

Interested candidates will complete the application and the Executive Leadership Program Task Force will select a maximum of ten participants from the received applications. Applicants are reviewed against five criteria:


Candidates should have a history of participation in the pest management industry and should be able to provide evidence to demonstrate his or her leadership qualities and potential as indicated by community or industry activities, such as state association involvement, etc.


Candidates must demonstrate a passion to succeed and have a desire to actively participate in developing themselves as leaders by seeking out new experiences, gaining new skills, and making a commitment to personal and professional development.  

Commitment and Engagement

Candidates must be committed to enhancing NPMA and the member experience and furthering the industry. Additionally, candidates must demonstrate openness to new ideas, maintain an approachable style, and share the organizational vision and strategy with others. Graduation from the Executive Leadership Program should not be considered an endpoint, but rather the beginning of the next stage for the candidate’s leadership journey and, as such, each candidate will be evaluated for his or her long-term commitment and concern for the broad scope of issues related to the pest management industry. 


Candidates display behaviors which indicate they have leadership potential: strategic thinking skills; commitment to personal development; self-mastery and integrity. Candidates apply critical and appropriate judgment to decision-making processes. 

Personal Character and Integrity

Candidates should demonstrate characteristics of high personal character and actively work to build and maintain trust and supportive relationships. 


When Will the Program Begin?

The 2017 program has begun, but the application process for the Class of 2018 will begin in early Fall 2017.



Contact Janay Rickwalder at 571-224-0384 or email jrickwalder@pestworld.org.