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Leadership Development Group (LDG)

Mission Statement

The Leadership Development Group, an affiliate group of the NPMA, is for the "next" generation. The mission of the LDG is to upgrade the professionalism of the pest management industry by promoting access and increased involvement in NPMA; identifying, motivating and developing its emerging leaders; providing a networking opportunity; teaching skills that are applicable to your business, personal development, the community and NPMA; and facilitating the information exchange between generations of managers and owners.

Extend the networking experience of being part of the LDG. Click here to join the LDG on Facebook or visit www.facebook.com and search for "Leadership Development Group (LDG)."


LDG Sponsored Events

Academy 2017
July 19-21
Scottsdale, AZ
Click here for more details.


LDG Mentoring Program

Want to bounce an idea off on someone with experience in the pest management industry? Do you have a confidential question about financial management in your pest management business? Want to find a person who can answer these questions and more? Click here for more information about the LDG Mentoring Program.


Getting Involved

We encourage you to become active in NPMA and the Leadership Development Group. Call NPMA at 800-678-6722 or e-mail ldg@pestworld.org and let us know how we can help you get more involved in the LDG. As an organization under NPMA, there is no charge to be part of the LDG. Simply join NPMA and enjoy the 365-day experience this group and so many other facets of your trade association can provide you.