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Payment and Reimbursement of Business Expenses Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors March 2014

There are instances in which NPMA reimburses employees, Board members and committee members for expenses incurred while conducting NPMA business. This document details NPMA’s policies, procedures and guidelines for the recording and accounting of legitimate expenses for reimbursement by NPMA.

Philosophy and Image
NPMA’s image is enhanced when those representing, who are authorized, do so conscientiously. These policies, procedures and guidelines convey good accounting practices and a positive and confident message about NPMA’s handling of member funds.

Expense Report Form
The basis for reimbursement of expenses is the National Pest Management Association Travel Expense Report Form (Attachment A). The expense report provides space for entering and organizing essential information necessary to identify reimbursable NPMA activities and related cost. A separate expense form should be used for each trip.

In order to receive reimbursement, the form must contain the following information:

  • Name and signature of person requesting reimbursement
  • Period in which expenses were incurred
  • NPMA reimbursable purpose of trip or activity
  • Account code or activity to be charged

If the report does not have all of the above relevant information, it will be returned for more complete information.

Receipts should be attached to the expense report. Any reimbursable expense under $10 does not require a receipt.

Expense report forms should be submitted to the NPMA Finance Department within two (2) weeks of when expenses are incurred.

Method of Transportation
NPMA reimburses coach class airfares on airlines and trains. If it is more economical, a personal car may be used for business travel. NPMA will reimburse mileage at the I.R.S. standard per mile mileage rate. In addition, NPMA will reimburse for tolls and parking. In no case will NPMA reimburse personal car usage in excess of the established coach fare for the same trip.

Arrangements for travel should be made as early as possible prior to any scheduled travel in order to insure the lowest available fare, when feasible.

Car Rental
Car rental associated with NPMA business is a reimbursable expense provided the rental cost is less than the cost of travel by cab or other less expensive forms of transportation. The traveler is required to investigate and rent the lowest rental fee.

Annual Convention for Directors
No expenses will be reimbursed for Board members and/or committee members attending the annual convention.

Board Meetings and Officer Travel
Hotel accommodations will be reimbursed for a maximum of one night for Board members attending scheduled Board meetings (other than such meetings held at the annual convention). Room and tax will be charged directly to NPMA’s master account. Meals and incidentals are the responsibility of the individual.

Cab fares from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport will be reimbursed.

The President submits a budget request each year. While the President’s approved budget is intended to cover travel to state association and other related meetings, the President may also use his/her budget to cover incidental and meal expenses in addition to lodging and transportation.

The President-elect receives a budget to cover transportation and lodging for his/her attendance at meetings during his/her tenure as President-elect.

Members will not be reimbursed for staying in hotels other than those designated for the meeting and set up with an NPMA master account. There will be no reimbursement of expenses for committee members attending scheduled meetings at the annual convention.

Reimbursable hotel expenses will only be paid if staying at the designated hotel where the event is to be held unless there is no availability or unless less expensive accommodations (including travel to and from event) can be obtained. A waiver to this policy can be obtained and granted by the Executive Vice President.