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Minutes of Directors Meetings Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors March 2014

NPMA shall document the meetings held or written actions undertaken during the year by the Board of Directors.

  • The Secretary or his/her designee shall take minutes at all meetings of the Board of Directors including those that are held in-person and through a conference call or webinar.
  • Minutes will begin with basic information, including the name of the meeting, date, time and location of the meeting, and a roster of members of the Board in attendance and those who were absent, and any guests that were in attendance. The minutes should note if there was a quorum at the meeting.
  • The Minutes shall reflect the NPMA Anti-Trust Policy was reviewed.
  • Minutes shall record actions taken during the meeting, including motions made, and if they passed, failed or were tabled and the margin. It is not necessary to record the names of those who made or seconded a motion. It is not required to record any discussion or how each director voted.
  • Minutes shall be distributed for review by the directors within 10 days following the meeting. If minutes are taken by the Secretary’s designee, the Secretary shall have an opportunity to review and comment on the minutes prior to dissemination to the Board.
  • Approval of the Minutes should be included as one of the first items on the agenda of the next meeting of the Board.
  • The Secretary will ensure that a copy of the approved Minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors is kept on file for a period of not less than five years or for the duration specified in the policy on Records Retention, whichever is longer.
  • Minutes of Board meetings shall be made available to the membership only once approved and shall be posted to the NPMA web site.
  • Meetings of the Board shall not be audio or video taped.