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The National Pest Management Association’s Online Learning Center powered by FORSHAW offers exclusive access to training courses that cover everything from technical education to business development. In addition, many of these courses can earn you state recertification credits. Click here to discover how FORSHAW can partner with your business.

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Available Courses by Training Topic

Business Development

  • QualityPro Manager Training
  • Best of 2020 - Business Operations (Bundle)
  • Best of 2020 - Focus on Diversity (Bundle)
  • Best of 2020 - Next Generation of Leaders (Bundle)

Occupational Health & Safety

  • OSHA’s Respirable Silica Standard Training
  • Revised HCS Training on OSHA Label and SDS Updates

Food Processing & Handling

  • NPMA Pest Management in Food Processing & Handling Facilities Exam

QualityPro Accreditation & Certification

  • QualityPro Exam for Sales & Service Employees in the US
  • QualityPro Exam for Sales & Service Employees in Canada (English)
  • L'examen QualityPro Canada (Français)
  • QualityPro Pest Management in Food Processing & Handling Facilities Exam
  • GreenPro Exam
  • QualityPro Schools Exam
  • QualityPro Public Health Core Exam
  • QualityPro Public Health Mosquito Specialty Exam
  • QualityPro Public Health Rodent Specialty Exam
  • Stop School Pests Exam

Structural Pest Management

  • Ants: Biology, Behavior, and Control
  • Arkansas 5-Hour Recertification Workshop
  • Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) Exam Preparation Course
  • Back to the Basics: Ant Control Through IPM
  • Back to the Basics: Controlling Cockroach Infestations
  • Back to the Basics: PMPs as Protectors of Public Health
  • Back to the Basics: Stinging Insect Management
  • Back to the Basics: Wood Destroying Beetles
  • Biting Flies: Biology, Behavior, and Control
  • Cockroaches & Termites: Biology, Behavior, and Control
  • Completing the NPMA-33 WDI Inspection Report
  • Filth Breeding Flies: Biology, Behavior, and Control
  • Introduction to Insects
  • NPMA Bed Bug Basics
  • NPMA New Hire Training for Service Technicians
  • NPMA Pest Management in Health Care Facilities 
  • NPMA Pollinator Awareness Training
  • NPMA Rodenticide Stewardship
  • Social and Solitary Hymenoptera: Biology, Behavior, and Control
  • Understanding Antimicrobial and Disinfectant Product Labels
  • Using Pyrethroids Responsibly For Effective Pest Management
  • Using Pyrethroids Responsibly For Effective Pest Management in California
  • Virginia 4-Hour Recertification Workshop
  • VPMA WDI Inspection Recertification
  • Zika Virus and Integrated Vector Management
  • Illinois 3-Hour Workshop A
  • Illinois 3-Hour Workshop B

PestWorld 2021 ON DEMAND

  • PestWorld 2021 Opening General Session Sponsored by Corteva
  • PestWorld 2021 General Session Sponsored by Syngenta
  • A Property Manager’s View of Pest Management Needs in the Apartment Industry (BUSINESS)
  • A Roadmap for Urban Rodent Invasions: Why Rats and Mice Have Become an Unstoppable Force (TECHNICAL)
  • Delivering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Beyond Your Companies Own Walls (BUSINESS)
  • Don’t Let Me Down: Post Construction, Single Family Dwelling Fall Protection for the PMP (TECHNICAL)
  • How To Avoid Potential Liability Issues Surrounding Pest Management Services (BUSINESS)
  • How to Empower Your Team to Self-Manage (BUSINESS)
  • Latest in Ant Control and Management Techniques (TECHNICAL)
  • Novel Approaches to Training and Educating 21st Century Technicians (BUSINESS)
  • Subterranean Termites: Practical Biology, Behavior and Control Options (TECHNICAL)
  • The Big Challenge of Small Flies: Identification and Control for Technicians (TECHNICAL)
  • The Hiring Process: Mapping an Employee’s First Ninety Days for Success (BUSINESS)
  • The Problem of Pest Control in Public Housing - Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
  • The Problem with IPM and How to Fix It (TECHNICAL)
  • Two Amazingly Effective Strategies to Instantly Improve Your Marketing Results (BUSINESS)
  • Where Pest Service and Food Protection Meet (TECHNICAL)