Support the Industry

Professional Pest Management Alliance
Pest Management Foundation

As a trade association, NPMA relies on industry professionals to carry forward key programs and initiatives. Not only do we exist FOR members, we exist BECAUSE OF members. We utilize the time, talent, and treasures of the pest management community to support members' business today and ensure the sustainability of the industry of tomorrow.

We Need Your Time and Talent

We seek leadership, ideas, and guidance from members for our divisions, committees, and councils. For a list of active groups within NPMA, their missions, and leadership, click here.

We Need Your Treasure

In addition to the sweat-equity we seek from members, we also seek financial resources from throughout the industry to propel needed programs forward. Dues from members cover many of our core commitments to support education, training, and public policy — but there's much more to undertake for collective benefit. We seek your support to grow the industry through the efforts of the Professional Pest Management Alliance and seek your involvement in funding critical industry research through the Pest Management Foundation.