PPMA Online Contribution

The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), established in 1997, is the consumer education arm of the National Pest Management Association. Our goals are to:

    1.  Increase awareness among consumers of the value of professional pest management services

    2.  Protect our reputation

    3.  Increase the size of our consumer and commercial markets

Thanks to PPMA, consumers no longer hear about our industry from critics alone. They hear our side of the story day after day...after day! In fact, our investment in public relations, just shy of $2 million annually, has yielded positive stories about pest management in newspapers and on televisions across the country, in large towns and smaller suburbs. Each year, this exposure would otherwise have cost tens of millions of dollars to purchase through traditional advertising! Our proactive unified voice educates consumers about the value of our industry and our ability to protect health, safety and property.

Over the past six years, more than six million homeowners have utilized the services of a pest professional for the first time. While we don't take credit for all of that, PPMA, through the help of its investors, is indeed advancing the industry!

Although our primary focus is on growing the industry, we also make sure we provide marketing and communication tools that can help our investors' businesses grow as well.

If you are not investing in your industry or your company by supporting PPMA, find out what you are missing or check out our brief video that shows PPMA in action.

If you are a PPMA Guardian or Contributor, thank you! We hope you are taking full advantage of our PPMA Perks that are available to you! Also, don't forget to stay up-to-date with important industry news and marketing techniques at PPMATools.org.