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Pest Gazette

Looking for ways to communicate with your customers? Looking for an inexpensive marketing vehicle to use that will get the word out on your company? If so, then the Pest Gazette is made for you.

Each promotion is a four-page newsletter, which can be personalized to include your specific company information, highlight seasonal pests and help educate your customers what they can do to help you manage pest problems. This consumer friendly newsletter has tips for describing pest problems to professionals as well as colored pictures that highlight specific pests. Through the Pest Gazette you have a positive press piece that will help your customers understand why it is so important to hire a professional and since this piece is customized with your company information, that professional is you.

To view past issues of the Pest Gazette click on the issues below in a PDF formats for fast and easy reference.

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Document File Name File Size
Pest Gazette - Spring 2014 PestGazette_spring2014.pdf 1049 KB
Pest Gazette - Winter 2012 Pest Gazette Winter 2012 1 MB
Pest Gazette - Fall 2012 Pest_Gazette_fall2012 647 KB
Pest Gazette - Summer 2012 PestGazette summer2012 542KB
Pest Gazette - Spring 2012 PestGazette spring2012 398KB
Pest Gazette - Winter 2010 PestGazette winter10.pdf 519 KB
Pest Gazette - Spring 2010 PestGazette spring2010.pdf 480 KB
Pest Gazette - Primavera 2010 PestGazette spring2010ESfinal.pdf 349 KB
Pest Gazette - Invierno 2010 PestGazette inviernopeq2009.pdf 3.28 MB
Pest Gazette - Fall 2009 PestGazette_fall09.pdf 547 KB
Pest Gazette - Otoño 2009 PestGazette_otono09.pdf 575 KB
Pest Gazette - Summer 2009 PestGazette summer09.pdf 575 KB
Pest Gazette - Spring 2009 PestGazette spring09.pdf 620 KB
Pest Gazette - Primavera 2009 PestGazette primavera09corr.pdf 439 KB
Pest Gazette - Invierno 2009 PestGazetteJan 09_low.pdf 634 KB
Pest Gazette - Primavera 2008 PestGazette spring08_NPMA.pdf 276 KB
Pest Gazette - Verano 2008 PestGazette summer08_USA.pdf 540 KB
Pest Gazette - Fall 2008 PestGazette fall08.pdf 500 KB
Pest Gazette - Summer 2008 PestGazette summer08.pdf 375 KB
Pest Gazette - Spring 2008 Pest Gazette Spring 2008.pdf 681 KB
Pest Gazette - Winter 2007 PestGazette winter 2007.pdf 231 KB
Pest Gazette - Verano 2006 Pest_Gazette_Verano 2006.pdf 203 KB
Pest Gazette - Summer 2006 Summer 2006 Gazette.pdf 2.36 MB
Pest Gazette - Primavera 2006 Pest gazette primavera 2006.pdf 700 KB