Meetings and Events


Offering our members opportunities to network and learn from one another is one of NPMA's most important priorities. NPMA events provide pest management professionals the opportunity to build relationships, share ideas, and gain insights into their changing markets. Popular NPMA events include:

  • PestWorld
    This annual event includes education sessions, networking opportunities, and the best-attended trade show in the industry.
  • Legislative Day
    Take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity to educate lawmakers and regulators about the public value of effective pest management in battling much larger health and safety issues. Hundreds of PMPs converge on Capitol Hill to speak with legislators on issues that affect the pest management industry.
  • Academy
    Emphasizing personal and professional growth, the Academy features nationally-recognized speakers, team-oriented Olympics, and confidence-building exercises. You'll take home a new outlook on your company and future after this extraordinary meeting.
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